(FULL STORY) Does Technoblade Have Cancer

(FULL STORY) Does Technoblade Have Cancer

Technoblade announced on August 27 that he had been diagnosed with cancer. The Minecraft streamer, who has amassed more than 8.54 million subscribers on YouTube, was on an extended hiatus from posting videos when the heartbreaking news broke.

Technoblade announced that he was experiencing tremendous pain in his right arm at the end of July. The 22-year-old took the pain lightly, figuring he just needed a few days off the stress of playing online for too long.

YouTube’s right shoulder began to swell over the coming days, leading to a medical exam that allowed his right arm to be examined.

In its latest stream, Technoblade revealed doctors had performed multiple scans and confirmed the tumor had caused swelling in the right arm. He started his chemotherapy immediately and mentioned that although his energy seemed to be low, his treatments went well.

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