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The Proclamation of King Charles III, live – Ruetir

The Proclamation of King Charles III, live – Ruetir #Proclamation #King #Charles #III #live #Ruetir Welcome to Today Trending Tweets, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Today, Saturday 10 September, Charles III is formally proclaimed the new king of the United Kingdom, with an official ceremony at the palace of St. James, one of the main royal residences: King Charles III inherited the throne from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the Longest-lived sovereign in UK history who died Thursday after over 70 years of reign.

The proclamation ceremony of King Charles III began at 10 am in London (11 am in Italy), and for the first time in the history of the British monarchy it is broadcast on television and in streaming. Like all the rest of the operations following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the proclamation had already been planned in detail.

The proclamation of the new king is a different thing than the coronation, which will take place later. For example, 16 months passed between the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, and his coronation.

The coronation is in fact also a religious ceremony, which is held inside Westminster Abbey and is conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury: it requires months of preparation and is organized after the end of the period of mourning due to the death of the previous one. sovereign, in this case Queen Elizabeth II. The proclamation is instead the simple formal declaration of what automatically happened with the death of those who reigned: the succession to the throne of the heir, in this case Charles III.

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The proclamation is divided into two phases, with the king present only in the second. At 10 am the president of the Privy Council, the British sovereign’s body of advisers, who in this case is the Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt, just appointed by the newly appointed Prime Minister, Liz Truss, will arrive at the St. James palace. Mordaunt will arrive at St. James’s palace with about 200 other Council members and from there will announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and then invite Richard Tilbrook, the current secretary of the Privy Council, to read aloud the text of the proclamation, in which the name chosen by the new king will also be mentioned, which as we know is Charles III.

The text will then be signed by a group that includes Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, Prime Minister Liz Truss, the Archbishop of Canterbury and others. After the signing, Mordaunt will invite those present to silence, and the text of the proclamation will then be publicly read from one of the balconies of the building, accompanied by brass bands and cannon shots near Hyde Park and the Tower of London. The proclamation of the new king will also be read simultaneously in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, the three capitals of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland respectively, the other three divisions of the United Kingdom as well as England.

The newly proclaimed King Charles III will appear at this point in the ceremony, and will make a personal statement about the Queen’s death. Robert Hazell, a political scientist at University College London, told BBC News that the new ruler’s declaration normally consists of three parts: the king will commemorate the queen, affirm his allegiance to the laws and express’ hope of gaining support. of the nation in its burdensome responsibilities “.

Charles III will then swear to preserve the Church of Scotland, which unlike the Church of England has no ties to the monarchy, in two oaths signed with the queen consort and Prince William as witnesses. The ceremony will conclude and other readings of the proclamation will follow, between Saturday and Sunday, in both London and Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Members of parliament will then be given the opportunity to swear allegiance to the new king.

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